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Famously, Chile is a very long, thin country, with all regions lined up one after the other from North to South. It occured to me that such a shape would lend itself to cartograms! Regions are numbered progressively from top to bottom (with a few ‘jumps’ for regions that have been created later on), hence the numbers on the maps.

As attribute data, I have used the population by region according to the 2017 census. There were just under 19 million people living in Chile, of which over 7 in the Región Metropolitana de Santiago, as the fat ‘bellies’ in the middle of these maps suggest.

Population of Chile by region. Data source: Census, 2017

I like the first option on the left, even though it makes it hard to compare the relative size of regions and downplays just as populated the Metropolitan Región is. The Dorling cartogram is perhaps my favourite overall: it looks fine and strikes a good balance between preserving the rough shape of Chile and communicating the data.