Talks and Presentations

"The C-word: Potential Contributions of Critical GIS to Disaster Studies ". NEEDS 2021 , Online conference, September 2021.
"Of Fixes and Glitches: Towards Countertopographies of Platform Urbanism ". IAG-NZGS 2021 , Online conference, July 2021.
"Measuring Social Vulnerability to Disasters through Mixed-Method GIS ". RAI 2020 , Online conference, September 2020.
"Contexto Local y Mapeos Participativos de Riesgo in Cartagena ". Conversatorio CIGIDEN, Cartagena, Chile, July 2019.
"Platform Publics: Tracing Issues through Map-Apps ". CIG 2018 , Maynooth, Ireland, May 2018.
"E-Cards from Palestine: Sharing our Experiences between Activism and Research ". RGS-IBG Annual Conference , London, UK, September 2017.
"Smart City Politics ". Smart City, Smart Citizens Workshop, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, June 2017.
"Web-Maps between Commons and Commodities: Google Maps and OpenStreetMap Compared ". 4S / EASST 2016, Barcelona, Spain, September 2016.
"Cartographic Uprising: Jerusalem’s Digital Maps Between Facts and Action ". AAG Annual Meeting , San Francisco, California, April 2016.